Welcome to Plaster Zone!

Plaster Zone is a place where children of all ages and adults can enjoy painting and pottery. We offer inexpensive and ready-to-paint plaster craft items. We have everything you need to get started including hundreds of varieties to choose from! A great place for your next Birthday Party!


Plaster + Painting = FUN!

Get artsy with your kids and have a great time during your visit to Plaster Zone. Painting your own custom pottery piece is a great experience for your whole family. Projects can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to complete, depending on the size of your pottery piece and how you design your piece. Our experts are always here to help! After you paint and decorate your own work of art, you may also opt to glaze or glitter it if you would like. Come in today and get started!

Our Plaster Process:
•  Choose your plaster figure from hundreds of options available at our studio. See our photo gallery for examples.
•  After choosing your base paint color, apply a light, even basecoat to your piece. This will take around five minutes to dry.
•  Continue painting your piece using your chosen colors (it's usually better to use lighter colors first, then darker colors to complete your design).
•  Glazing and glitter are also available to finish your Plaster Zone masterpiece!

Why Plaster?

Plaster is the perfect medium for pottery makers on the go. Using plaster, pieces don't need to be fired. You can decorate a ready to paint plaster craft item, have it sprayed with our protective coating and voilà! Your pottery masterpiece is ready to take home the same day you make it.

We are a one of a kind studio where you can master your plaster crafting skills! We offer hundreds of inexpensive ready-to-paint plaster craft items, most of which may be hung as wall art.

Best of all, Plaster Zone does not charge additional studio fees and our prices are very affordable (most pieces range from $6 to $20).

To view or download our flyer, click here. To view our flyer on art classes, click here.